Tarik M


Tarik Mammeri-El Anka artiste créateur
L'atelier El Anka, création et réalisation de bijou de haute joaillerie

Once upon a time. . .
A jewel by Tarik. M
A story of Energy

Since the beginning of time, jewels have been bearers of a symbolic message melding history, homage to the past, love or endearment.

More than a personal ornament, they arouse the greatest passions when they assume the colors of our existence. 

L'atelier El Anka, création et réalisation de bijou de haute joaillerie or argent platine
As perfectionist as he is creative, the alchemist Tarik  M. is master of all the stages of his production: design, wax casting, engraving, and polishing.

From the first sketches to the delicate setting, the object comes to life in his workshop as a piece of art would.

He works on assignment: with either a notebook of precise specifications or the complete confidence of his client, he draws on the ancient tradition of fine jewelry wherein the metal defers before the precious stone. 
Diamant pierres précieuse

So it can have its say…

Through a vast knowledge of the gem world acquired through the study of gemology and lithography, Tarik. M seeks to magnify the energy, draw on a frame designed to honor its beauty.
It’s a use as old as humanity, on which our watches and computers still run today. In his creations, he uses only the stones that posses the color, fire, beauty of spirit and unique character to match his client’s personality.
Birth data, life paths or personal ambitions serve as indicators that allow him to weave an intimate relationship between the precious object and the person that wears it.
Perched on a thread of gold or set in a case of silver or platinum, the gems glow with all their fire and beam their virtues: a promise kept for eternity. 

Collier pendentif pièce unique, Or 18 carats, diamants et pierre de lune
“Poetic talismans, sensual arabesques, delicate to the eye and light to bear, Tarik M’s exclusive creations enshrine the ancient art of goldsmiths in modernity.” 
Bague or 18 carats diamant pièce unique

Eternal promise

“For her hand, the marvel of marvels, the diamond. It sparkles as with a thousand fires set in soft curves around her finger – a symbol of love for all to see, invincible.”



Of all natural stones, the diamond is the strongest.

It’s that quality that makes it a symbol of eternal love, while its transparency embodies the values of perfection and purity.

Whatever the stone that it bears, a ring by Tarik.M transcends the years, guaranteeing the most beautiful setting to enhance the brilliance of the gem.

tour d'oreille or18 carats et diamant

Birds of Paradise

“Her perfect ears bore ribbons of gold set with pearls and diamonds that, from afar, seemed almost as solitaires, round and brilliant, but up close evoked the simplicity and candor of a freshly picked flower...”

The 19th century Symbolist , the period of Art Nouveau, and the watermarks and the cloistered enamels of Kabylia are some of the sources of inspiration for these supple weaves with their ethereal motifs whose curves so perfectly cradle the ear, almost becoming one with her body, contouring her face in light. 

collier créateur or diamant perle de tahiti

Poetic talisman

“Mysterious and sublime, she wore around her slender neck a jewel in gold lace as light as a feather, hinting at the sensual velvet of her skin…”

Immaculate pearls, balls of amethyst, rubies or opals, set in openwork spheres that light up ribbons of gold, platinum or silver:  Tarik.M’s jewelry is a pure work of art. It’s foremost an intimate piece, cherished and worn at any time for an incredible energy vibe of crystals and the sense of harmony they inspire. 

bracelet créateur or 18 carats diamants et rubis

Sensual Embrace

“I could not tear my gaze away from her graceful wrists, embraced by a braid of gold from which hung rubies on slender loops, like brilliant and mysterious fruit.”

The bracelet wraps itself around the arm in eager curves and coils; a woman is gripped by the desire to fondle and play with the jewel, drinking in the purity of its forms and the brilliance of its colors. Will you lose yourself in the embrace? 

“ Life is what we didn’t imagine.” -- Tarik. M

Tarik. M’s workshop looks like it’s where it all happens: there’s a little bit of magic and a little bit of candor, and a child-like spirit conducive to invention. Treasured souvenirs, rare books, precious stones and the smells of Provence where the Muses can play. Hammers, chisels, scissors and small mills give life to the gems and precious metals, tools at the whim of this 40-year-old man thirsting for new horizons.
Born in a family of French-speaking Berber painters and literary figures, Tarik. M is an artist jeweler like of old. The sounds of his childhood were punctuated by the hammering of armorers and jewelers in his Kabyil village, Ait-Yenni, whose artistic renown has reached across the seas since the Middle Ages. From his sun-bathed roots, he inherited a taste for not only poetry and spiritual exchange, but also for measured work, where the beauty of gesture, emotion and trust with his clients counts as much as the final work. 
For the last 25 years, France has been the home base from which he trawls the world to meet his clients. He returns to his countryside workshop close to Nimes, breathing life into his commission sketches with the ardor of his creativity. To an eminently classic art, Tarik. M brings a hint of risk taking, looking for an aesthetic of harmonious curves and counter-curves that speak to one. Novel and unique, his pieces are always reflective of the beauty and personality of the woman who wears them. 

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